Thursday, 21 June 2012

What is SpeedGrade?

Adobe® SpeedGrade™ CS6 color grading software brings the Lumetri™ Deep Color Engine to your production workflow. Open the full dynamic range of your footage through a sleek new interface. A new component of Adobe Creative Suite® software, SpeedGrade gives you the power to push your stories further.
Take your productions to a new level with the powerful color grading capabilities of Adobe® SpeedGrade™ CS6, now part of Adobe Creative Suite® software. Craft your looks with the Lumetri™ Deep Color Engine to create picture-perfect output for virtually any format, from handheld tablets to the big screen.

Lumetri Deep Color Engine

Craft the perfect look for every project. The GPU-accelerated Lumetri Deep Color Engine offers precision grading for virtually any file-based footage, including RAW and HDR content, without clipping highlights or crushing shadows. Work with confidence, using 32-bit per channel floating-point processing and state-of-the-art color science.

Powerful layer-based grading

Simplify complex color adjustments with layers. Combine and rearrange grades and effects and adjust the influence of each layer with its own opacity slider.

Primary and secondary color correction

Apply primary color corrections to the whole frame in combination with secondary grades for selected color ranges within your images.

Streamlined user experience

Get beautiful results faster through a clean, redesigned interface. Organize your grading tasks logically and efficiently in one integrated workflow.

Adobe tool and workflow integration

Send sequences from Adobe Premiere® Pro CS6 software, or import EDL files from other applications. Share. Look files in Adobe After Effects® and Adobe Photoshop® software for visual consistency.

Perfectly balanced gamma

Adjust footage to compensate for gamma irregularities and color shifts, including automatic color calibration for QuickTime output.

Camera and color space matching

Capture Macbeth color charts to automatically match color spaces for footage created with different cameras.

Digital cinema and camera format support

Take advantage of support for many formats including DPX, Alexa, RED, QuickTime, Targa, TIFF, Phantom, Weisscam, and OpenEXR. SpeedGrade is designed from the ground up for modern RAW and HDR workflows.

Broad LUT support

Share your creative intent across the production pipeline with comprehensive lookup table (LUT) support. 

Award-winning stereoscopic toolset

Control depth placement within and between shots for comfortable viewing. Accelerate stereoscopic workflows with automatic geometric and colorimetric error correction.

Professionally designed .Look files

Explore modern and classic film styles with a range of beautiful, predesigned .Look files. Go under the hood to see how they were built, and use them to create your own .Look files.

Automatic scene detection

Automatically identify edits from archived projects to distinguish individual shots and make short work of restoration and remastering projects.

Flexible masking tools

Create and modify mask shapes with intuitive drawing tools. Track and animate your mask, and control feathering with precision.

Grading panel support

Work the way you want with support for various types of input devices, including a standard mouse and keyboard, trackball, tablet, or professional grading panel.

Real-time reframing and resizing

Resize and reframe your shots, and pan and scan in real time to deliver perfectly composed images for virtually any display, from handheld tablets to the big screen.

Film-style filters and effects

Add special filters for a stylized film look such as day-for-night and bleach bypass, or apply effects such as sharpen, soften, and glow.

Streamlined dailies workflow

Prepare dailies and offline editorial material quickly and efficiently with robust built-in support for camera and file metadata.

Audio support

Include audio tracks in your timeline for grading and client presentations. Render audio with your project for final delivery.



  1. What is SpeedGrade?

    Adobe® SpeedGrade™ CS6 color grading software brings the Lumetri™ Deep Color Engine to your production workflow. Open the full dynamic range of your footage through a sleek new interface. A new component of Adobe Creative Suite® software, SpeedGrade gives you the power to push your stories further.

  2. This is amazing! I love the new SpeedGgrade CS6. It gives me complete control on corrections and grading and the new secondary colour correction tool is absolutely brilliant. I found out about it through this video - and after doing some more research I found this one too - . Now to upgrade to a better GPU!

  3. I’ve been making postcards, gift cards and posters for ages now and I’ve always found resizing images to be a real pain. It requires too many calculations and trial. Yesterday I saw this - and now I’m hell bent on buying the new Photoshop CS6 to use the new and improved crop tool. It’s absolutely amazing how intuitive a simple crop function can be made to be.

  4. Photoshop - Correcting Perspective
    In images of subjects like buildings, there are often perspective issues that you will want to resolve, and this lesson will show you how to do so.

  5. As a photographer I always avoided wide angle shots because of the warped perspective. I preferred taking individual shots and stitching them together like cell phone panoramas. But then I hear about this new feature - in the new photoshop. I was more than happy to shell out the cost and bought it from - just so that I could turn all my wide angles into perfectly framed photos!

  6. You wouldn’t think that a tool as basic as the crop tool can be improved or modified but as someone who works heavily with resizing and scaling images for mailers, invites, postcards and visiting cards,I find this new feature in Photoshop CS6 to be a life saver! It’s amazing how easy it makes your life with simple tweaks to the crop size, shape and centralization of content

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  8. If you’re looking to get into designing, here’s a different way to help you make your decision. This isn’t about realizing your potential or anything, but it is about showing you how much potential digital software has to help you get your creativity out - Hat’s off to the Adobe guys for creating these brilliant features.