Monday, 25 June 2012

InCopy CS6

What is InCopy?

Adobe® InCopy® CS6 software is a professional writing and editing solution that tightly integrates with Adobe InDesign® CS6 software to enable an efficient collaborative workflow between design and editorial staff.
Accelerate production cycles for print and digital publications with Adobe® InCopy® CS6 software. Style and copyfit text in seconds, track text changes with more control, and make simple layout modifications to meet editorial needs.

Parallel collaborative workflow

Experience tight integration with InDesign CS6 to enable writers, editors, and designers to simultaneously work on a single document without overwriting each other's contributions.

Flexible page views

Edit in the view most suited to your current task. Galley View displays 100% accurate line breaks. Story View enables faster word processing. And Layout View lets you edit text in relation to design.

Precise copyfitting

View copyfit information as you work. Constant visual feedback informs you of space remaining — or how far you're overset — as well as story depth and line, word, and character counts.

Powerful tools for editorial productivity

Use the Eyedropper tool for quick text styling, the Links panel for easy management of placed image and text files, and paragraph and character styles for typographical consistency.
 Enhanced editorial collaboration
Track text changes across your entire document, including tables. Hide, show, and navigate changes, and accept or reject them en masse or per user. Store annotations
in notes tied to specific positions in a story or table cells.

 Flexible workspace
Work productively with easy access to key controls and tools. Use the Adobe Mini Bridge panel to browse and open files without leaving InCopy. And create custom workspaces that can be used for specific editorial tasks.

Professional typography

Apply a wide range of precise typographic adjustments such as leading, letter spacing, and paragraph spacing; use OpenType® fonts and Unicode character encoding; and easily insert glyphs using the Glyphs panel.
 Support for long documents
Minimize manual updates and inaccuracies. Quickly produce multiple versions of a document from a single source file with support for conditional text, and create cross-references that update as content changes or moves within an InDesign document.
 Print and digital publishing
Develop and deliver content for both print and digital documents. Experience support for digital document features in InDesign CS5.5, insert hyperlinks directly into your InCopy file, and export files to Adobe PDF or XML.
 Paragraphs that split columns
Quickly turn any text selection into multiple columns within an existing text frame.
 Paragraphs that span columns
Cut production time with a simple click that makes single-column text span multiple columns. Quickly create a column-spanning headline or subhead in your existing text frame — no need to ask the designer to create a dedicated frame.
 Layers panel
Hide or lock obscuring layout elements to easily access the text in a multilayered document.
 Links panel
Manage placed files in your InCopy documents and see metadata including keywords, headline, and description.

Document-installed fonts

Avoid the inconvenience of missing fonts. When you open an InCopy story, InCopy CS5.5 automatically looks for an associated Document fonts folder, installs the folder's fonts temporarily for use in the story, and then uninstalls the fonts when you close the story.

Hunspell dictionaries

Access more than 100 open source language and hyphenation dictionaries, allowing you to spell-check and compose text in more languages than ever before.

Recently used fonts

Access fonts you use frequently. Recently used fonts appear at the top of the font list.

World-ready composer

Use the world-ready composer, an alternate composition engine included in the International English version to enable support for complex script languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, and Indian languages.

Middle Eastern language support

Buy and update the Middle Eastern version of InCopy directly from Adobe for easier localization of global documents and enhanced functionality, including support for tables in the Story Editor, improved Kashida justification, enhanced diacritic positioning, and more.

Complex calculations

Calculate values in panels and dialog boxes using complex calculations (for example, 12.5p / 2x3).

Extension manager

Enable or disable individual extensions or entire sets of extensions to meet the needs of your current workflow.


  1. Every time any software giant announces a new suite with “advanced” features I shrug and pass it off as just hype. I’ve seen numerous keynotes and demos of software like Corel draw, FCP and InDesign in the past and none of them have ever moved me. Until recently. Then I saw this demo of National Geographic - to create its magazine app for Kindle and I have to admit, I did wet myself a little. Adaptive layout and liquid layout are 2 of the most amazing features ever created!

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  8. apprendre adobe indesign I curious more interest in some of them hope you will give more information on this topics in your next articles.