Monday, 25 June 2012

Adobe InDesign CS6 – Adapt content

Use a powerful set of new Adaptive Design Tools to efficiently repurpose your page layouts to myriad page sizes, screen sizes, orientations, and devices without sacrificing good design or typography.

Liquid Layout

Apply liquid page rules to automatically adapt content when you create an alternate layout with a different size or orientation in InDesign.

Alternate Layout

Efficiently create and design multiple versions of a layout for different devices and print needs, all within a single InDesign file.

Content Collector tools

Grab text and objects from an existing layout using the Content Collector. In a new layout, use the Content Placer to add items in the order you want them to appear.

Linked content

Link content within or across InDesign documents so that changes (including interactivity) made to the parent text or object are applied to all linked children objects.

Pages panel enhancements

Display alternate layouts in the Pages panel to organize content efficiently.

Split window

View two side-by-side layouts within the same document to compare the look and feel of the layouts and help ensure consistency.


  1. Every time any software giant announces a new suite with “advanced” features I shrug and pass it off as just hype. I’ve seen numerous keynotes and demos of software like Corel draw, FCP and InDesign in the past and none of them have ever moved me. Until recently. Then I saw this demo of National Geographic - to create its magazine app for Kindle and I have to admit, I did wet myself a little. Adaptive layout and liquid layout are 2 of the most amazing features ever created!

  2. Photoshop - Using Content-Aware Patch
    In this movie, learn about the new Content-Aware Patch tool. See how to use this tool to heal away undesirable portions of an image. Select a specific region, and Photoshop automatically defines a randomized fill pattern. Consider it a more selective version of Content-Aware Fill.

  3. I used to work for a print magazine doing design and layout and I always hated my writers for making last minute changes. Whether it was due to copy checks or copy fitting, it’s just pissing off to rework the layout, specially if the copy is linked to another page. I’m so glad this new feature in InDesign - has been created. Every designer will be dancing! I bought online from here - to test out its effectiveness with my blog and I have to admit, even the whole liquid and adaptive layouts stuff is pure gold!

  4. I work as the content editor at a startup fashion brand and we’ve been looking to make a mobile and tablet app to increase sales. Sadly our IT team said they did not have the knowledge and resources to pull off something too big so we scratched the project but then an intern told us about the new Adobe Digital Publishing Suite and showed us this demo video - of Nat Geo and their app for the Kindle. We bought it online and within 8 months of releasing our app, we’ve already recovered our software costs!

  5. I was looking for a convenient way in which a small time business could make its own app. I run a small scale printer supplies store and was hoping to make an app that sends out weekly updates on stocks, offers and new products and this eZine from Nato Geo was the perfect inspiration I needed. I shelled out the cost for the software and bought it online from, and got a few freelance designers and developers to help em go about the whole things. I’ve had my app out for 3 months now and it’s already helped increase sales by more than 50%!

  6. Watch the Adobe Creative Suite 6 Roadshow videos on demand...

  7. I was at the Adobe Roadshow where they spoke of all the new features from all their new CS6 software. Not just that, they even gave us live tutorials. The whole thing was pretty cool and I was thinking to myself, whoever missed this is really missing out. Well, fortunately they’ve put up the video to the entire event - So you can get your tutorials and previews of new features wherever you are!

  8. If you missed the roadshow in your city you can catch the video here - It’s got a lot of demos and guides to the new features in CS6 and it covers almost all of the software. I was lucky enough to go and while I got a lot of pointers there, the video has a lot more to offer too, check it out.