Thursday, 21 June 2012

What is Dreamweaver?

Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS6 web design software provides an intuitive visual interface for making and editing HTML websites and mobile apps. Use Fluid Grid Layout designed for cross-platform compatibility to create adaptive layouts. Review designs with Multiscreen Preview before publishing.
Transfer large files more efficiently with improved FTP performance in Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS6 software. Updated Live View and Multiscreen Preview panels render HTML5 code so you can check your work.

Fluid Grid Layout

Create cross-platform and cross-browser-compatible web designs using the CSS3-based Fluid Grid Layout system. Work faster and more efficiently as you develop projects using clean, industry-standard code for a wide range of devices and computers. Visually construct complex web designs and page layouts without getting buried in code.

Improved FTP performance

Save time uploading larger files with the reengineered multithreaded FTP transfer tool. Upload site files faster and more efficiently to speed production time.

Adobe Business Catalyst integration

Use the integrated Business Catalyst panel in Dreamweaver to connect and edit sites you build with Adobe Business Catalyst (available separately). Build e-commerce sites with the hosted solution.

Enhanced jQuery Mobile support

Build native mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms using updated support for jQuery Mobile. Build apps to reach mobile audiences while streamlining your mobile development workflow.

Updated PhoneGap support

Test pages before publishing using updated Live View functionality. Live View now uses the latest version of the WebKit rendering engine to provide the ultimate in HTML5 support.

Updated Multiscreen Preview panel

Check the display of projects built for smartphones, tablets, and desktops with the updated Multiscreen Preview panel. This enhanced panel now enables you to check rendering of HTML5 content.


  1. What is Dreamweaver?

    Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS6 web design software provides an intuitive visual interface for making and editing HTML websites and mobile apps. Use Fluid Grid Layout designed for cross-platform compatibility to create adaptive layouts. Review designs with Multiscreen Preview before publishing.

  2. Dreamweaver CS6 / Showcase - Taliana Design

    Taliana Design delivers websites for multiple devices with ease and efficiency using Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Web Premium software.

  3. Dreamweaver CS6 / Showcase - Sesame Workshop

    Iconic children’s program takes characters from the small screen to virtually every screen and device with Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Web Premium.

  4. Dreamweaver CS6 / Showcase - Yoohoo

    Yoohoo Web & Graphic Design utilizes the Adobe Creative Suite Subscription Edition as an affordable way to provide cutting-edge services and collateral for their clients.

  5. Dreamweaver CS6 / Showcase - saltmotion

    Joel Coleman of saltmotion — a photography-based business — relies on Adobe Creative Suite Subscription Edition for optimal image quality and minimal file sizes.

  6. Dreamweaver CS6 / Showcase - AKQA

    Award-winning digital agency raises brand awareness for Visa using Adobe Creative Suite Web Premium software.

  7. Dreamweaver CS6 / Showcase - Starwood

    From online to mobile, Starwood Hotels uses Adobe Creative Suite® Web Premium software to offer rich, highly tailored experiences for each of its hotels to attract travelers worldwide.

  8. Dreamweaver CS6 / Showcase - Mutual of Omaha

    Mutual of Omaha is a full‐service, multi‐line organization providing insurance, banking and financial products for individuals, businesses and groups throughout the United States. The 100 year old company employs modern design and development strategies to reach and engage customers online. The web team uses Adobe Creative Suite Web Premium to support the company’s various online properties including the Mutual of Omaha website, Wild Kingdom promotional site, sites for agents to learn more about products, sponsorship sites, landing pages.

  9. Dreamweaver CS6 / Showcase - Indiana University

    Indiana University (IU) is at the forefront of integrating technology into teaching, learning, research, and administration. In addition to providing faculty, students, and staff with one of the best networks available at any academic institution, IU also offers extensive computing and supercomputing facilities. IU provides its entire university community, including faculty, students, and staff, with access to a wide array of Adobe Creative Suite software at no cost.

  10. Dreamweaver CS6 / Showcase - Vasava

    Vasava artists push the boundaries of cross-disciplinary design with Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection software.

  11. Dreamweaver CS6 / Showcase - Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)

    SCAD prepares students for successful, cross-disciplinary design careers with Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection software.

  12. There’s no doubt that 3D graphics and design requires a lot of work and it’s not really a one shot process. I personally have struggled to make even simple 3D text art and often used cliparts for my presentations. After seeing this simple 3 min guide to 3D controls - I immediately went and bought my copy of CS6 You have to admit, such advanced controls at your fingertips is kinda scary!

  13. Photoshop - Straightening a Crooked Image
    When a photo includes lines that should be perfectly horizontal or vertical, it is important that those lines be true. This lesson will demonstrate how to quickly and easily straighten a crooked photo.

  14. I’ve always struggled with 3D Text art for my posters and projects. It’s just really annoying to get the perspective down to the T and I had sort of given up on mastering the skill. But then this new feature showed up - and all of a sudden I’m making blocks of text that look like ancient monuments in seconds!!

  15. Dreamweaver CS6 / FAQ

    What is Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS6 and who is it for?

    Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 software is the industry's leading application for developing websites and mobile apps with Adobe PhoneGap™ integration. Using its powerful coding environment and intuitive visual interface, designers and developers at all levels can follow best practices and web standards to create engaging and dynamic websites for multiple devices.

  16. Dreamweaver CS6 / FAQ

    Which Adobe Creative Suite® editions include Dreamweaver CS6?

    In addition to being available as an individual product, Dreamweaver CS6 can be purchased as part of Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Premium or Master Collection software.
    See the Dreamweaver to compare suite editions.

  17. Dreamweaver CS6 / FAQ

    How does Dreamweaver CS6 integrate with other Adobe products?

    Dreamweaver CS6 is a powerful application for developing websites and mobile applications. Save time, work more efficiently, and create compelling designs with Create Suite components including Adobe Flash® Professional, Fireworks®, and Photoshop® Extended. And new for CS6, build and package mobile apps for Android™ and iOS with Adobe PhoneGap.

  18. Dreamweaver CS6 / FAQ

    Where can I get a trial of Dreamweaver CS6 / FAQ?

    To get a trial of Dreamweaver CS6 / FAQ, visit the page.

  19. Dreamweaver CS6
    Develop complex e-commerce sites without writing any server-side code by integrating with the Adobe Business Catalyst® platform (available separately). Set up and host free trial sites.
    Design, develop, and deliver websites and mobile apps efficiently with faster FTP transfers and improved image editing. Build mobile apps with updated support for jQuery Mobile and Adobe PhoneGap™ frameworks.

  20. Watch the Adobe Creative Suite 6 Roadshow videos on demand...