Monday, 25 June 2012

Adobe Bridge CS6

What is Bridge?

Adobe® Bridge CS6 digital asset management software is a powerful photo and design organizer that provides centralized access to all your creative assets.
Cross-platform support, display of linked files, and flexible batch processing in Adobe® Bridge CS6 software help you manage your photos and design files with ease.

Cross-platform, 64-bit support

Take advantage of 64-bit support for excellent performance in Bridge and Adobe Camera Raw, especially with large files and while browsing, searching, organizing, and viewing your creative assets.

Adobe Mini Bridge

Access all your creative assets within the context of what you're working on with Adobe Mini Bridge, a customizable panel within Adobe InDesign®, Photoshop®, and Photoshop Extended software. Sort and filter, and then drag files right into your document.

Display of linked files in InDesign documents

Quickly access every component of your page layouts with the ability to browse linked files in InDesign documents from directly within Adobe Bridge.

JPEG export

Convert any supported graphic, image, or document in Adobe Bridge to JPEG format for an easy way to share files via web galleries, email, and more.

Custom image sizing and PDF watermarks

Enjoy more control when creating web galleries. Add watermarks to PDF files, resize images precisely, and click once to display filenames in HTML and SWF galleries.

Flexible batch processing

Save time by using Adobe Bridge to batch process raw files or quickly conduct batch renaming. Use a simple Find and Replace command, and customize your dialog box by moving fields around with drag-and-drop ease.

Drag-and-drop file flexibility

Easily place Adobe Illustrator® files in InDesign layouts, create new Smart Objects in Photoshop, and more with the ability to drag and drop files between Bridge or Mini Bridge and other Creative Suite® components.

Editable Path bar

Move among folders more easily thanks to an improved navigation bar.

Centralized color settings

Set color preferences from a centralized Bridge panel for more consistent color in your projects and files. This single set of preferences controls color settings for Photoshop, Photoshop Extended, Illustrator, InDesign, and Adobe Acrobat® X Pro.


  1. I absolutely love the new Photoshop CS6 simply for one feature. Photographers have always struggled to correct wide angle, fisheye and perspective distortions using the lens correction feature on Photoshop and that has been useful. But now there’s a new feature that is sure to blow every photographer out of his boots - Adaptive wide angle is so intuitive and so accurate, it makes distortion correction a breeze. Now you can make any wide angle shot look like a panoramic stitched image in seconds!

  2. Photoshop - Blur gallery
    Napp Instructor Pete Collins goes over the brand new features of Photoshop CS6 - the blur gallery. From selectively blurring an area to creating tilt-shift effects, these tools will be a great creative tool for photographers.

  3. I was really excited about the new Photoshop and downloaded the demo from here - but soon I ran out of things to experiment with. This video from Oleg Dou really helped me broaden my horizons and realize that the simplest of features used against the easiest of subjects can turn something ordinary into something completely overwhelming.

  4. Watch the Adobe Creative Suite 6 Roadshow videos on demand...

  5. I went through all the videos of all the new features in Adobe’s new software but it’s just a pain finding the right video when you need it. Instead of bookmarking all the links I found this one video which covers it all! Check this out - It’s pretty cool to see all the best-in-class tools of CS6 in one big video.

  6. I’ve been a big fan of Adobe’s software and often upgraded to the latest suites to keep up with the technology. This time around, I bought CS6 but there were just so many features that I couldn’t keep up with. I watched truck loads of demo videos for each individual software but remembering it all is pain. This roach show that they hosted was really helpful because it gives me all I need to know, in one simple place!

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